How long is your product warranty period and what is it?

How long is your product warranty period and what is it?
Since the date that we confirm your payment within one year is the warranty period.
During product warranty period
In these 365 days, you can send the product back to us to repair it if you have hardware problems. When we fixed it we will send it back to you timely by flat air mail for free (or you can pay the Express fee f you are badly in need); we can give your download link to you or send the CD to you to solve your problem if your product meet software problem. 
Outside warranty period
we will charge for repairs outside warranty period.
You can update your item and get unlimited technical support for free.
When the software update we will give you the download link or send you the CD.
If necessary, you can also send the item to us to update it. 
You can email to us or contact our customer service if you have some problems during application. 
If you want to replace the product for some reason, you should return it back to us and as if we get it check it in good condition, we will ship out within 24 hours.