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LZT-1000 Electromagnetic Field Radiation Tester/field strength

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Product Description

LZT-1000 Electromagnetic Radiation Tester is a new generation of electromagnetic radiation testing instrument , according to the test results of the electromagnetic radiation treatment or reasonably effectively evade, to help individuals and families walked away from the radiation health.
LZT-1000 Electromagnetic Field Radiation Tester/field strength

TOP 6 Reasons to get LZT-1000 :
1. Simple , convenient testing .
2. Value for money, easy to carry.
3. Test band width , low high school full-range test .
4. Powerful features, electric, magnetic radiation compatibility testing.
5. Beautiful design, professional appearance .
6. Design meets CE.

LZT-1000 Electromagnetic Radiation Tester will be the electric field radiation, magnetic radiation to achieve the best compatibility testing and test results for individual test and understand the interior ( home appliances, computers , wires , mobile phones) and Outdoor (substations, power lines, transformers, room, cell phone signal tower) status of electromagnetic radiation environment for wireless devices, etc.

LZT-1000 Technical indicators:

Size: 132mm (length) × 69mm (width) × 31mm (thick)
Weight: 140 grams
Readout Display: 3-1/2 digit LCD display
Stalls: Electric -V / m (V / m);
            Magnetic -μT (micro tesla)
Accuracy: Farm: 1V / m;
                  Field: 0.01μT
Range: Farm: 1V/m-1999V/m;
              Field: 0.01μT-19.99μT
Alarm Threshold: Farm: 40V / m;
                                Field: 0.4μT
Test Bandwidth: 5Hz-3500MHz
Sampling time: about 0.4 seconds
Sensor Head: Single (instrument tip)
Overload Tip: LCD display "1"
Operating temperature : -15 ℃ - +60 ℃
Operating Humidity: 80%
Operating voltage: 9V (6F22 9V battery) (not include)
Measurement procedures and methods:
1. Press the power switch, set the E / H button to the right of the screen , such as V / m electric field radiation compared to the test mode , such as the right of the screen display μT compared to magnetic radiation test mode , the measurement process can be switched at any time based on testing needs ( electric / magnetic ) mode.
Note: Due to the presence of electromagnetic interference environment may, in the boot may have tiny instrument readings, not the instrument is faulty.

2. Hand-held instrument slowly approaching the measured electromagnetic radiation , such as the value of the actual value of the radiation within the instrument test technology indicators , the instrument will have significant Shows ; such instrument without reading the description of the electromagnetic radiation of the radiation source is less than the value of the machine's minimum reading 1V / m or 0.01μT.
Note: For high-pressure facilities distance measurement can be, remember safety.

3. The measurement process and hold the Data Hold button on the instrument readings will be locked, as without locking the release button.
LZT-1000 Applications:
1. Outdoor environmental electromagnetic radiation testing applications: substations, high voltage, Lines, transformers, power distribution room, cable, cell phone towers, power. Depending on the signal tower, signal towers and other broadcasting equipment testing at technical indicators
   All electromagnetic radiation is inside.
2. Indoor environmental electromagnetic radiation testing applications: computers, televisions, Copiers, fax machines, air conditioners, refrigerators, stereos, laundry Machines, wires, power supplies, cell phones, wireless routers in the instrument. All electromagnetic radiation in the test specifications

LZT-1000 Package including:
1set x Radial measuring instrument

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