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LX-F Shore Durometer Sponge Foam Hardness Meter Tester

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Product Description

LX-F Shore Durometer Sponge Foam Hardness Meter Tester
LX-F Shore Durometer Sponge Foam Hardness Meter Tester
Get LX-F Shore Durometer for 4 Reasons:
1. It will be different with the other hardness tester in the aspects of using
2. It is suitable for the determination of soft foam, polyurethane foam rubber products’ hardness. 
3. When using, the presser foot directly contact to the sample, and see its own weight as force measurement load.
4. In order to measure the hardness of foam, we special tailor-Made the LX-F type sponge durometer to facilitate our customers.
LX-F Shore Durometer Specifications:
1. The scale value: 0-100 degrees
2. Scope of pressure needle route: 0 ~ 2.5 millimeters
3. The force of pressure needle end: 550 mN~4300 mN (56~438.5 g).
The Method of Using:
1. Handheld the middle of the instrument, located the hardness tester gently on the plane specimens which is bigger than presser foot (or specimen). 
2. Reading out the value in 1 seconds when durometers’ presser foot contact with the sample smoothly. 
3. The tick of pointers is the hardness value of sample (specimen). 
4. In order to improving the accuracy of measurement, you should put the sample on a flat plate glass or plate.
5. Each measuring point should be measured only one time, the measuring point at a distance of more than 25mm of different parts from the same sample 
    should be more than 5 points. 
6. To take the average of measurement results, namely it’s the hardness value of the materials

LX-F Shore Durometer Structure:
xf shore durometer

1. When the durometer presser foot is in the free state, it points "0".
    The pressure needle end and the pressure foot flat is in close contact with the glass surface, the indication should be "100" If the Durometers’ pointer can not 
    show “0’ and “100” when checking, adjust it to “0’ and “100
2. The sample and adjustments
    1). The specimen thickness should be in 25mm to 30mm, when insufficient thickness of 25mm, you can stack 2 pieces. but you need to ensure the flat surface
          smooth,the whole thickness still should conform to the sample thickness.
    2). The sample size should satisfy the length and the width are larger than 100mm,the distance between the measuring point and sample edge is not less than
          40mm,all measuring point are less than between 25mm, each sample points is not less than five points.
    3).Take out the skin of both sides of the specimen, the thickness should be uniform,smooth surface, micro-hole distribution uniformity, no mechanical damage
         and impurities.
    4). Sample test conditions according to GB/T2941-91 provisions.
3. After using the hardness tester, put it in instrument box, put in dry place to prevent moisture.
To Users:
We appreciate your more precious suggestions in aspects of performance, structure, manufacturing quality etc. for our improvement and improve product quality
 to your satisfactions.
LX-F Shore Durometer Package Including:
1set × JY6013 V2 Autorange Capacitor Capacitance Tester Meter Cap 0.01pF to 470mF

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