FTTH Tool Kits RY3200 Fiber Optic Test FC-6S Optical Fiber Cleaver + RY3103 10mw Visual Fault Locator Meter

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21cm*15cm*16cm     ( Inch: 8.27*5.91*6.3 )
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Product Description

RY3200 6 band Fiber optic test instrument is a compact and an easy-to-use testing instrument for optical fiber networks, which can be used for absolute optical power measurements as well as for relative loss measurements in optical fibers. It features ingenious appearance, wide range of power measurement, high accuracy and user self-calibration function with high performance-to-price ratio.
FTTH Tool Kits RY3200 Fiber Optic Test FC-6S Optical Fiber Cleaver + RY3103 10mw Visual Fault Locator Meter

TOP 6 reasons to get FTTH Tool Kits RY3200 Fiber Optic Test :

1. User self calibration function
2. LCD display supports night operation 
3. Comfortable LCD display and optional backlight 
4. Optional 10 minutes Auto-off function
5. Power measurements in dBm or mw and insertion loss in dB
6. Low battery consumption, more than 240 hours continual operation time for three 1.5V alkaline batteries

FTTH Tool Kits RY3200 Fiber Optic Test Specification

Type RY3200A RY3200B
Wavelength(nm) 800~1700nm
Detector InGaAs
Measurement Range (dBm) -70~+10 -50~+26
Uncertainty ±0.2(5%)
Calibrated Wavelength(nm) 850,980,1300,1310,1490,1550 1625 (more calibrated wavelength can be optional)
Resolution(dB) Linear indication: 0.1% Loharithmic indication: 0.01dBm
Optical Connector FC/ Universal 2.5mm adaptor (FC,SC,ST interchangeable connector can be optional)
Power Supply Alkaline Battery(3 AA 1.5V batteries)
Battery Operating Time 240 h with 1.5V Battery(3)
Operating Temperature -10 ~ +60℃
Storage Temperature -25 ~ +70℃
Relative Humidity 0 to 95% (non-condensing)
Dimension(mm) 172×82×33
Weight 300g

FTTH Tool Kits RY3200 Fiber Optic Test Feature:

1. Special laser head structural design, their laser trailing the accident device damages 
2. Ultra long working time, can guarantee the 1mw / 650nm laser continuous use 60 + hours 
3. Adopt 2.5mm general adapter, circumscribing fc-lc adapter convert adapter lc head can use 
4. Low battery alarm circuit, battery energy before empty inform the user battery replacement 
5. Special laser driver circuit, guarantee laser at the lowest allowed battery coulant its constant power output 
FTTH Tool Kits RY3200 Fiber Optic Test  Specification:

Model: ry3103 
Laser type: fp-ld 
Wavelength (nm):  650 & plusmn . 10 
Output power (mw):  10 
Output connector: 2.5mm general adapter + fc adapter 
Modulation: cw or modulation 
Frequency modulation: 2 - 3 
Power supply: two section 1.5v measurement aa alkaline batteries 
Battery life: 60 hour 
Working temperature:  - 10 ~ + 45 
Storage temperature:  - 40 ~ + 70 
Shape measurement: 15 * 180 

FC-6S Precision Cleaver Optical Fiber Cleaver Sumitomo Electric Cut  Cutting Tools

The FC-6S fiber optic cleaver is used for single fiber cleaving.  This FC-6S optical fiber cleaver is available with a single fiber  adapter for 250 to 900 micron coated single fibers. It is a simple  operation for the user to remove or install the single fiber adapter  and alternate between mass and single fiber cleaving.

fiber optic cleaver FC-6S, high precision, preparation for single  fiber(cleave length 6~20mm)/ribbon fiber cables (up to 12 counts,  cleave length 10mm).

Fiber Optic Cleaver FC-6S Features:

Compact body& light weight
Applicable up to 12-fiber cleaving
36000 fibers blade life(3 height x 12 positions)
Fiber scrap collection-free

FTTH Tool Kits RY3200 Fiber Optic Test Package Includes:

1 x RY3200 Optical Power Meter
1 x 10mW Fiber Checker
1 x Fiber Cleaver FC-6S
1 x CLAUSS Fiber Optic Stripper/Model: CFS-2
1 x Fiber Optic Cable Stripper
1 x red pen bags    
1 x light tool kit
A pack of cotton swabs
User Manual

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