Digimaster III

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37cm*34cm*21cm     ( Inch: 14.57*13.39*8.27 )

Product Description

Digimaster III

DigimasterIII Configuration List 
No. Name Qty Remark
1 DigimasterIII Host 1 pcs  
2 12V Switch Power Supply 1 pcs  
3 OBP Adapter 1 pcs  
4 ICP Adapter 2 pcs Attach: 8-core Winding Displacement 2 pcs;  CPU Cable 1 pcs
5 W220/W203 Adapter 1 pcs  
6 NXP _KEYAdapter 1 pcs  
7 BAV_KEY Adapter 1 pcs Attach: VAG-KEY Adapter Board 1 pcs
8 CAS-BDM programmer 1 pcs  
9 35080 V6  Adapter 1pcs Attach: 35080 V6 Adapter Board 1 pcs
10 Super BDM Adapter 1pcs Super BDM programmer_V1.00
11 IAR KEY II Adapter 1 pcs  
12 OBD II Adapter 1pc For key programming of most Japanese & Korean cars, Chinese cars, European cars and American cars via OBD plug, without diassembling.
Attach: OBD II cable 1 pc
13 Yanhua solderless adapter 1 pc solderless adapter
puncture socket
8P cable,chip-clip,power cable,short-joint clip,8P adapter
14 CAN-OBD DM2 1 pcs DB25F/OBDII-16P
15 Mini USB line (1.5m) 1pcs  
16 Maintenance manuals 1pcs  

Optional configuration list
No. Name Qty Remark
1 9S12 Adapter 1 pcs Attach: 9S80 Adapter Board 1 pcs; 9S112 Adapter Board 1 pcs; 9-112 Adapter Board 1 pcs
2 MC705 Adapter 1 pcs Attach: MC68HC705-64 Adapter Board 2 pcs
3 MC711 Adapter 1 pcs Attach: MC711-PROG-PLCC52 Adapter Board 1 pcs
4 NEC_KEY II Adapter 1 pcs Attach: NEC KEY II Adapter Board 2 pcs
5 K&CAN Adapter 1 pcs Attach 3 socket: BMW CAS1 socket, BMW CAS2/3/4 socket, BMW DASH socket
6 NEC  Adapter 1 pcs Attach: 14pin line 1 pcs
7 NEC_KEY II Adapter 1 pcs Attach: NEC KEY II Adapter Board 2 pcs
8 Devself Test Adapter 1Pcs DevselfTest Board
9 IC bag 14pcs ① 93C46 DIP 1pcs ②93C46 SMD 1pcs  ③93C66 SMD 1pcs   
④93C86 SMD 2pcs ⑤24C16 SMD 2pcs ⑥25010 SMD 1pcs  
⑦8P set 1pcs       ⑧ 93C56 SMD 1pcs  ⑨95128 SMD 1pcs
⑩95160  1pcs     ⑾95080 SMD  1pcs  ⑿24C04  SMD 1pcs   

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