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ARM Android Development Board Cortex-A8 Learning Board S5PV210 Core Board with WIFI Module

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Product Description

ICOOL210 is a low-cost, high-quality ARM development board launched by Store,which is composed of core board and base board with WIFI Module.
ARM Android Development Board Cortex-A8 Learning Board S5PV210 Core Board with WIFI Module

1. ICOOL210 Development Board 

Appearance of ICOOL210 Development Board

Hardware Resources Description of ICOOL210 Development Board 
CPU Processor
Samsung S5PV210, ARM Cortex-A8, Basic Frequency 1GHz
DDR RAM Memory
512MByte DDRII400 RAM dual channels
Sound Card
Wolfson technical sound card WM8960
FLASH Memory
256M/512M/1GB/2GB/4GB/ Nand Flash ( Standard Configuration is 512M SLC NAND )
LCD Display
1). CPU integrates four-wire resistive touch screen interface, which can link four-wire resistive touch screen straight. You should use I2C or SPI mode if capacitive touch screen is used. We have already lead I2C on LCD interface in order to help users to expand with convenience. The equipped 7-inch screen is capacitive 5-dot touch screen.
2). It supports black and white dot matrix, gray dot matrix, CSTN, 64~1600K TFT LCD. Its size ranges from 2.2 inches to 24 inches. Resolution ratio of TFTLCD screen can reach 1920*1080 pixels.
3). Standard configuration is 7-inch LCD whose resolution ratio is 800*480, with capacitive 5-dot touch screen.
Standard Interface Source
1). One SDIO WIFI wireless network card, supporting IEEE802.11b/g protocol.
2). One 10/100M Ethernet RJ45 Interface
3). One USB 2.0 OTG interface
4). Four USB Host 2.0 interfaces
5). Two DB9 RS232 3-wire ports (four additional TTL power level outlets)
6). One 3.5mm stereo audio output interface
7). One 3.5 mono audio input interface
8). One TV-OUT output interface of AV terminal (NTSC/PAL)
9). One TF card connector (Maximum capacity: 32G)
10). 5V/2A DC voltage input
11). Two 8ohm speaker interfaces (Power: 1W)
12). One PWM controlling LCD backlight adjuster
13). One PWM control buzzer
14). Six custom keys
15). One ADC test for adjustable resistor
16). Onboard backup power for real-time clock
Expansion Interface Source
1). Four ports connectors (two DB9 and four white in-line connectors which the distance between is 2.0mm)
2). Dual LCD interface (50pin 0.5mm LCD interface and 40pin 2.0mm dual-line connector)
3). Supported Operating System
4). PCB Size
5). Two 20pin 2.0mm dual-line connectors, Camera interface
6). One 20pin 2.0mm dual-line connector GPIO interface
7). Size of Basic Board: 180*100(mm)
8). Size of Core Board: 80*55(mm)
9). Ten blind or buried via circuit boards (core board)  plus double-side basic board
10). Linux2.6.28.6 + Qtopia-2.2.0 + QtE-4.6.1
11). WindowsCE.NET 6.0(R3)
12). Android 4.0/2.3
13). Ubuntu-0910
Mechanical Size Drawings
The positioning holes plots of ICOOL210(unit is mm)
Size of the base board: 180*100(mm)
Size of the Core Board: 80*55(mm)
Attention: the label is on the Core Board.

2. Framework of S5PV210 Internal Function  
3. System Resource Feature of Linux
Kernel Version
Boot Loader
U-boot-1.6.1: Provide complete source code, including Nand and SD Start according to the differences of the configuration file.
Supporting File System
1). Yaffs2: File system can be read and written, Recommended using.
2). UBIFS: File system can be read and written, Recommended using.
3). Cramfs: Compressed file only can be read, Recommended using when renewing data not online.
4). Ext2/3: File system used in standard PC Linux
5). Fat32: Supporting long file name
6). NFS: Network file system belong to Linux System. It can be conveniently used when you develop a driver.
7). UBIFS: File system developed especially for Flash device, providing volume management function.
Device Driver(drivers below are all provided with source code)
1). Four standard serial ports drivers
2). Audio driver(WM9714)
3). Dual web ports driver, WIFI&DM9000 driver
4). USB Keyboard Driver, USB, removable hard disk
5). RTC driver(could saving time when power off)
6). USB Host driver
7). LCD Backlight Driver
8). 4.3 TFT LCD Driver
9). 4-wire touch screen driver
10). Universal USB camera driver without driving
11). SPI driver
12). SD Card Driver, supporting high-speed SD card, Maximum capacity can reach 32G
14). Watchdog Driver(Watchdog reset is cold reset)
15). Multimedia driver
16). USB WIFI driver
Basic Application and Service Test Procedure
1). Busybox1.14 (Linux Toolset, including common Linux instruction, etc)
2). Boa(web server)
3). Snapshot (fbshot based on controller)
4). Madplay (mp3 player based on controller)
5). Telnet, Ftp, inetd (Toolset and service for network remote login)
6). Ifconfig, ping, route, etc (common web tool instruction)
Graphics System
1). Qtopia-2.2.0 : providing platform source code, Compile Script, Install file
2). QtE-4.6.1 : providing platform source code, Compile Script, Install file
Cross-compiler Version
Arm-linux-4.4.1    using gnueabi function to accelerate for ARM architecture
4. WinCE 6.0 System Resource Feature
Version: WinCE Embedded 6.0 R3
BSP Feature
1). Supporting fast booting
2). Supporting booting progress bar
3). Camera driver
4). 9-key driver
5). Touch Screen Driver
6). RTC driver
7). 4.3 TFT LCD driver
8). DM9000 Network Card Driver
9). Large-capacity, high-speed SD Card Driver
10). USB Driver, USB Keyboard Driver, USB Mouse Driver, etc
11). Audio Input and Output Driver: Based on WM9714 Chip
12). WIFI Wireless Network Card Driver
13). Ports Driver
5. Android System Resource Feature
Kernel Version of Used Linux
Supporting File System
1). FAT32: Supporting USB whose format is FAT32/FAT and SD card, SDHC card
2). YAFFS2: Supporting installing YAFFS2 file system mapping by USB download or SD card
3). UBIFS: Supporting installing UBIFS file system mapping by USB download or SD card
4). EXT2/3: supporting running EXT3 file system mapping by SD card
Android System Version
Android 2.0/1/2/3
6. Ubuntu System Feature
Kernel Version of Used Linux
Uboot-1.6  Supporting Nand and SD card booting
Supporting File System
FAT32: Supporting USB and SD/SDHC card whose format are FAT32/FAT
EXT2/3: supporting running EXT3 file system mapping by SD card
Operating Condition
Working range :
Working temperature : 0~70 ℃
working voltage :3.7~5.5V (typical value :5V)
ADC input :0~3.3V, 1mA
DAC output :0~3.3V, 5mA
VDDRTC input : 1.7V~3.3V (typical value :3V,100uA)
Digital signal output level :0~3.3V , 5mA
Digital signal input level :0~3.3V ,5mA
ICOOL210 product show
Items Including:
1pc X ICOOL210 mother board
1pc X ICOOL210B core board
1pc X 7" LCD with capacitive touch screen
1pc X serial cable
1pc X miniUSB cable
1pc X internet cable
1pc X power (5V/2A)
1pc X CD manual

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