Powerful ADSL2+ Tester, Get it now

New arrival ST332B ADSL2+ Tester, Highly Recommended
ST332B is an easy-to-use, hand-held advanced telecommunication tester that used for cellular phone, maintenance and measurement of ADSL2 service. It supports the testing function such as parameter, error, DMM, PING that related to ADSL2 service, user register authentication on the ADSL2 user's line side. Additionally, it directly enables the engineers to ensure, troubleshoot and evaluate the ADSL2 service.
It is the right tool for the ADSL testnetwork.

Here are some product Features of them.
1. Support ADSL2 , ADSL2, RE-DSL and ADSL.
2. The real-time display from the uplink and downlink rate and flow.
3. The general performance from the visual display line connection, to assistance with the conclusion of the test, easy, simple, no training.
4. Support Dying Gasp function, the instrumentation turn off the central office network resources could be released on time.
5. Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, automatically charging, fast charging in instrumentation work. And it has a charging indicator, low voltage alarm indication.