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Product Description

Free Shipping from US!Hand-held Mini Portable Precision Formaldehyde Monitor is an indoor formaldehyde concentration monitoring instruments. The design of high sensitive type of household formaldehyde detector is aesthetic generous, cares you and your family's health and safety comprehensively. This product is Free Shipping from US!
Kolsol F01 Hand-held Mini Portable Precision Formaldehyde Monitor
 Formaldehyde Detector Specification:
Display: digital display
Measurement method: Electrochemical sensing technology
Monitoring mode: automatic
Power supply: 5V (built-in rechargeable battery block) ( included )
Host weight: 210g
Dimensions: 70mm × 21mm × 130mm
Temperature range: -20-50℃
Humidity range: 15-90%RH
Atmospheric pressure: 1 bar pressure
Measurement and Scope
Formaldehyde measurement technology index
Measuring range: 0-3.0mg/m3
Resolution: 0.01 mg/m3
Accuracy:  +-5%
 Formaldehyde detector charger specification:
Input: AC100-240V 50/60Hz 0.15A
The rated output voltage: 5V
The rated output current: 1A
Hand-held (Put in the battery for use)
Method of use:
Switch machine:
On: open the battery on the back of the product, the battery pole in the battery. (or directly into the power supply socket) press the start button for three seconds can boot
Off: under normal working state, long press the power button for three seconds, this product is shut down.
Monitoring of indoor formaldehyde concentration
Turn on the detector and place it at any place in the room, it can be 24hours monitoring ambient air concentrations of formaldehyde
When the formaldehyde concentration is less than or equal to 0.1mg/m3 (GB/T18883-2002), it means the surrounding air formaldehyde concentration in the range of international security, the screen will display a cartoon smiling face: indoor air quality best.
when the formaldehyde concentration is greater than 0.1mg/m3 and less than 0.3mg/m3, indicating the ambient air concentrations of formaldehyde exceeded safety limits, the upper part of the screen cartoon display area displays a cartoon you figure, at the same time the screen font will turn orange, prompts the need to immediately open a window ventilated, maintain air flow.
when the formaldehyde concentration exceeded 0.3mg/m3, the upper part of the screen cartoon display area displays a cartoon skull graphics, said air formaldehyde concentration of risk range, at the same time the screen font turned red, accompanied by didi audible alarm, at the same time we must open the door immediately, and always pay attention to the monitoring of a guaranteed royal. It is suggested to have a comprehensive governance of indoor formaldehyde.
Temperature and Time display:
This formaldehyde testing product can not only measure the concentration of indoor formaldehyde, but also can measure temperature and display time.
The temperature measurement technology index
Measuring range: 0-70℃
Measuring accuracy: +-1℃
Turn off the sound alarm
When the formaldehyde concentration is higher than the national standard 0.1mg/m3, the detector screen font turn orange. When the formaldehyde concentration reaches 0.3mg/m3, the font has become red, and accompanied by "Di Di alarm sound". Press the alarm button alarm sound, eliminate "button (11)" can cancel the formaldehyde exceed the standard alarm; if not press the alarm button, the alarm will also stop at 16 sound.
Units of temperature switch
Press the back button "temperature switch" (key 12) switching temperature unit. Each one press, the temperature units transfer between ℃ and 0F.
The battery symbol display
This product has the battery power display function, when the battery is empty, please charge. When plug in the charger, the battery symbol shows plug-in state.
Time setting
Press the setting key (the same key to sound) for three seconds, enter the time settings condition, press (key 15) same to the temperature switch key is time +, press (16 key) same to the night mode switch is time -.
Night mode switch:
When the screen showed the symbol moon, night mode enabled,
Will: dark environment, the screen automatically shut down.
When the screen showed no moon sign, said the night mode off
Will: dark environment, the screen will not automatically shut down.
To extend the service life of screen
It will not affect sleep for the screen is too bright in the bedroom.(Suggested to open night mode)
1 x Hand-held Mini Portable Formaldehyde meter
1 x Battery
1 x Pedestal
1 x Plus&charging line

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