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NF-300 LCD Display Telephone Network Error Cable Wire Tracker BNC tester Length Scanner without noise

NF-300 LCD Display Telephone Network Error Cable Wire Tracker BNC tester Length Scanner without noise

Item No. AT113-B
Manufacturer: NOYAFA
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NF-300 is newly developed product which is able to avoid current interference,test BNC without noise. It is used in telephone system, computer networks and other metal lead circuits widely.
NF-300 LCD Display Telephone Network Error Cable Wire Tracker BNC tester Length Scanner without noise

The equipment is composed of 3 parts: main tester (NF-300), receiver  (NF-300-S) and remote identifier (NF-300-R).

It has couples of circuit state testing functions including length test, cable line finding, line-to-line, cross talk and breaking point, serving as practical tool for low voltage system installation and maintenance technicians of communication circuits and comprehensive wiring circuits.

Main functions:
1.    Capable to test open, short, cross connection, reverse, pairing connection and broken wire positioning (RJ11, RJ45, BNC Cable)
2.    To perform crosstalk test on network cable to solve the potential problem of slow speed.
3.    To quickly find the target wire or cable, coaxial cable up to 2500m, no need of remote unit when measuring length,
4.    To trace cable on exchanger or Router without current interference.
5.    Low voltage prompt function is available.
6.    Functions of storage and memory.
7.    Automatic delay power on-off and backlight function.
8.    Language & light brightness can be set in the system.
9.    Single chip software watchdog design runs reliably.
Technical indexes:

1. Overall dimension

Main tester: 175×80×43mm; receiver: 218×46×29mm;
Remote identifier: 84×34×26mm.

2. Power

Main tester: 9V battery
Receiver: 9V battery
Please note: Batteries are not included in the package.

3. Display

Dot matrix 128 x 64 (valid visual field 64 x 32 mm).

4. Testing cable types

STP/UTP 5E, 6E network cable, telephone cable, coaxial cable, and common metal wires connected with alligator clip.

5. Detecting cable types

STP/UTP 5E, 6E, network cable, telephone cable, coaxial cable, USB cable and common metal wires connected with alligator clip.

 6. Operating environment temperature/ humidity


7. Testing device interface

Main unit: RJ45 (M), RJ45 (S) loop interface, RJ11 main interface,
 RJ11 loop interface, BNC connector, USB A-type female interface;
Remote identifier RJ45, BNC connector

8. Length Measurement 

Range: 1~2500M
Calibration accuracy: 2% (+/- 0.5M or +/- 1.5 ft)(calibration; cable > 10 M)
measurement precision: 3% (+/- 0.5 M or +/- 1.5 ft); (AMP, CAT5E,6E cable material)
Display unite: meter, inch, yard

9. Length Calibration, storage and data load

User can set a length value at a known length, store the value in the system, which can be used for future choice, and the calibration length should be over 10 m.

10. Line sequence and cable failure positioning:

open, short, reverse cross  cross-talk , etc.

11. Language set

Users can choose English or Chinese for operation.

12. Set up

Unit & brightness & Auto-power off time can be set in this menu.
Packing list:

1 x Main Tester
1 x Receiver
1x Adapter
1 x Earphone
4 x Cables
1 x Carrying Bag
1 x Instruction Manual


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